Evaluation Question 5: How did you attract/address your target audience?

To evaluate the way in which I addressed my target audience , I can firstly look back on my target audience survey and interview. This helped me to identify my target audience and what their preferences are when it comes to crime/thriller films, such as type of actor, location and costumes.

In order to attract my target audience, I have incorporated multiple different factors into my media product. One of the ways in which I have addressed my target audience is by relating my final product to them. I have one done this through the use of actor, location and props in which I researched in the planning process earlier in the year. For example seeing as the results from  my survey said that my target audience is predominantly teenagers, I have used my 15 year old sister who definitely portrays this target audience, therefore the audience can relate to this character within the final product.

Furthermore, another way in which I attracted and addressed my target audience is to incorporate conventions of popular films that relate and are known to the same target audience as mine, because this will make it more appealing and familiar to my target audience, therefore making them more interested. In order to do this, I have watched several similar films and TV series such as Criminal Minds and The Lovely Bones, to become more familiar with the narrative and therefore making it easier to attract and address my audience because I can incorporate elements of this. I chose Criminal Minds because due to my final product illustrating a crime scene, I believe this TV series perfectly portrays a similar product, therefore attracting a similar audience. I also chose the Lovely Bones because the leading actress in this film is a of a similar age to mine, therefore attracting a similar target audience to this film.

Another way in which I attracted and addressed my audience was through the music I used which was played throughout the film. The music I chose was slow at the beginning and then became quicker towards the end. I chose this because it created a mysterious atmosphere for the audience and mirrored the thriller/crime genre. Before I chose the background music for my film, I watched other films in the genre which were similar to mine, in order to conclude which type of music best fit my piece. For example, I listened to the opening music of the series ‘Criminal Minds’ which gave me an insight into what music to use.


evaluation q5 final from Alex Johnston on Vimeo.

Evaluation Question 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

evaluation q6 from Alex Johnston on Vimeo.

Through the process of constructing my final piece, I have learn’t how to use many new technologies such as, Premier Pro, After Effects, WordPress and the Camera itself.

For example, firstly in order to achieve the best quality filming for my final media product I used a Canon 1200D which I have learnt to use throughout the course. For example, I have learnt how to adjust the aperture/shutter speed and also change the IOS which has ensured I produce a good quality product. For example, for the course we completed an aperture task which taught us how the use the camera which developed our technology skills to then use in the final product.

Another website I have used throughout the course is Vimeo which is an online website. At the beginning of the course I created an account which has allowed me to upload my videos and then embed them into my work so they could be viewed more easily.

WordPress is an online blog website where I post all my tasks and work. This website has enabled me to continually update my work throughout the course which has made my work and tasks accessible to anyone.

In my construction, I also used After Affects to create my titles, which was very useful as I could chose which font I wanted which would portray the genre and nature of my final product. I also used After Affects to create my Ident for my final film. For this I followed a step by step tutorial from video co pilot which was very helpful as it provided clear instructions.

Premiere Pro has enabled me to construct my final product as I have used it to edit shots to my liking. For example, you can change the colour of footage, such as on this clip I decreased the brightness level. It also allowed, me to add sound to my film and to fade shots in and out.

Evaluation Question 7: Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Sequence 01 from Alex Johnston on Vimeo.

Since starting the course last year, I have definitely developed my media skills leading up to my final product. I can safely say that I can see improvements in both my editing and my variety of shots used to make the product more exciting and attractive for the audience. Tasks such as the Mundane Task, Preliminary Task and Aperture Task have all contributed in this development.

Firstly, since my preliminary task I can most definitely say that my confidence has improved in the progression from it to my final product. For example, now I feel I can confidently use programmes such as Premiere Pro to edit and cut shots together in order to make it more interesting for the audience, however in my preliminary task this wasn’t so effective. In my preliminary task I used the 180 degree editing rule to convey a conversation between two people, although I did not include dialogue in my film meaning I cannot compare my progression in this editing skill as the 180 rule is disregarded in my film. Although I didn’t use the 180 degree rule, I can definitely say that it has improved other skills that have contributed to the final film that make it more appealing for the audience such as the establishing shot in my film which I believe was an effective way to open the film.

Furthermore, after we finished the Preliminary Task we were assigned a Mundane Task which was to film an everyday, boring routine, such as walking up to a computer and sitting down and searching the web, but editing it using Premiere Pro to make it more interesting and attracting to the audience. I would definitely say this has allowed me to progress in the course leading up to the final product as it has allowed me improve my confidence when using the camera and the programmes.

Also, prior to the construction of my final product, I created a template for my titles using Orphan Black in order to help with different elements such as the order in which the actors, directors etc were placed and they way in which it was presented. Looking back, this was definitely helpful in the planning stages of my product because it helped me understand what would look most effective in order to attract a wide target audience.